Soldering Equipment

A series of Ukrainian hot air rework stations

Measuring Equipment

Different models of multimeters and clamp meters starting from simple pocket-size devices to professional ones

Warranty policy

Buying Accta equipment you get 12 month warranty for every device. Don’t worry about quality!

Technical support

You may get comprehensive online advisory services from technical experts concerning all peculiarities of operation and features of our equipment.

Post-warranty service

We provide our customers with qualified post-warranty service in our own service center. All the works are carried out within the shortest possible time.


Ukrainian engineers used the customers’ feedback and requirements to create the high-quality hot air rework stations at a reasonable price. User experience and feedback is also used to provide modifications to the station design. Accta stations do not have the drawback that most cheap soldering stations typically have. We are so sure about the quality of these products that we give warranty for both the stations and the heating elements.

Accta hot air rework stations are produced in Lviv, Ukraine using the facilities of a DIA-N company that specializes in electrical equipment manufacturing.

Our soldering stations feature multi-level overload protection. In case of an emergency, the safety system shuts the station off. Station’s hard metal body and is equipped with separate switches for each channel (soldering iron and hot air gun channels). The large power reserve of the toroidal transformer guarantees stable operation of the station, even in case of the highest network loads. The transformer provides complete galvanic isolation of all circuits from the network.

Accta 301 and Accta 401 rework stations have the same hot air unit consisting of a turbine hot air blower with a fan installed inside the handle. The difference between these two stations is in the soldering iron and compatible soldering tips type. Accta 301 uses a soldering iron with a 50 W nichrome heating element – works with Hakko 900M soldering tips. Accta 401 has a 70 W soldering iron for operation with ceramic soldering tips of Hakko T12 type or AOYUE WQ series.

Accta 501 has the same main unit size as the previous models; however, it is a completely different station with a mode advanced hot air unit and one of the best soldering irons in its class. Centrifugal blower with a low noise level is used in this station and Japanese soldering iron from Goot heats up the tip just in 6 seconds.